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Tuesday, 6 April - link

scheduling nothingness

I have this upset feeling in my stomach, I can't shake it. Like I'm hungry but I can't eat. Like I'm nervous but nothing's about to happen. I'm tired but I can't relax.

Sigh. I'm breathing shallow. I think I have too much happening - days full of fun and folks and work always work. Spent yesterday editing Indie Game Jam video with Ryan. Now home white board covered in notes. Full task list and always something. This freelancer forgot to schedule a weekend, i.e., time when nothing happens.

Couch beckons. I want to play a game. Watch a movie. But shouldn't I be reading? Painting? Shouldn't I shouldn't I? This is an exercise today in understanding me. Maybe I'll go back to bed!

Posted on 6 April 2004 : 10:45 (TrackBack)
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