Comments on scheduling nothingness
commentson 7 April 2004 : 00:22, bev sez:

you should come over and play halo with us.

commentson 7 April 2004 : 11:03, misuba sez:

A great thing about structuring your time is it gives you an excuse to stop second-guessing yourself. Block out time for stuff you want to/should be doing. Then you can say, "now isn't painting time; it's Halo time. Painting time is at five."

It works. Do I do it? Of course not. But it does work. The second part of the trick, though, is to be 100% committed to what you're doing until the time is up.

commentson 7 April 2004 : 21:10, Jimbo sez:

you need to get laid.


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