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Thursday, 15 January - link

Post Porn Posting

Finite time. Go to Aikido twice a day and you don't have as much time to pleasure yourself, nap and file porn pictures. And work on writing. I did interview a mobile game developer in England on the phone for < one hour. I like long overseas phone calls for research. Though my phone bill last month was over $200 - doubtless my > hour interviewing India.

And I worked on various web sites. Cleaned up, did laundry. Fortunately I had a half a porterhouse steak, a quarter piece of prime rib, some green beans and some scalloped potatoes from a fine steakhouse left over after last night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Dammit I didn't leave this desk for more than three waking hours today. I did start reading "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" - got about three pages into it before I passed out cold on my couch.

I'm glad to be able to say that I posted up the rest of my Vegas/Porn convention coverage. There's three parts, you'll see them on that page. Here's two teaser pictures, leading to the two articles posted since the last salacious update:

Left: three oldsters at the Adult Video News Awards.
Right: Sinulate CEO S. Rhodes holds the Sinulator, a wirelessly controllable online vibrator covered in TheFeature.

A quiet spiritual part of me loves the 6.30am martial arts practice. But it's running modern Justin down - I need more hours in the day, and my work and community is oriented around 8am to 1am waking hours.

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