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Monday, 5 January - link

Personal Filing: Anil Dash

Anil Dash is the quick-witted business manager for the company making one of the primary software packages revolutionizing media and publishing today - Movable Type (MT). Anil has his own weblog, and a finger in a dozen other public and private web sites across the Internet.

This is a picture of Anil and I from Matt's Social Software ideas:

useful so

I asked Anil to share his thoughts on Personal Filing:
Dood, my personal files are really poorly arranged. It's kind of odd, I am super picky about having a clean desktop, and my email and syndication feeds are super organized, but my files do not obey as well as my messages do, MP3s excepted.

I am considering moving my files into the folder system in Outlook, since that's already organized by the way I work. My work is fairly different in structure than what you do, but I would organize freelance work by client, as that seems most natural, and then by date in reverse chronological. I find that document types are the least valuable items, as I might have a PDF and a powerpoint slideshow and a Word file all around one project, and they belong together.

Lastly, I put as much as I can into my blog tools. I have a local install of MT, plus of course my links sidebar. I end up looking up past links on my internal or public blog at least once a day for reference, I think. And my internal blog can link to documents of any sort, so that works well for me.

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