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Tuesday, 16 December - link

traveller's tales

Mike Pugh is back from his epic adventures: from Bangkok to Mozambique. His is the best of web journalism - exploring life with personal insights and a human tone. First person perspective in some difficult, and beautiful places. If you're looking for a good antidote to whiplash objectification and dejection common in the mass media, enjoy Vagabonding. Here's some overview entries:

Review of the Journey So Far
The Southeast Asian leg of my journey.
Review of the Journey So Far - Part Two
a quick review of the months I spent in India, Nepal, Egypt, and Jordan.
Review of the Journey So Far - Part Three
This summary of my time in East and Southern Africa.

Mike makes a good point - you could travel as he did for not much money:

For the entire trip, I averaged around $35 per day including transportation, meals, entertainment everything. $35 x 365 days = $12,775. That's cheaper than a year at most colleges, less than the cost of an average American wedding, and a third as much as a sport utility vehicle.

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