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Tuesday, 18 November - link

three pieces of a single story

I'm a writer, I write mostly for different web sites. Tonight, to celebrate and unify a few of the online locales I frequent, I posted three pieces of a single story, launched simultaineously on three different web sites. (All of this is the second half of my Seoul mobile culture coverage).

TheFeature: Skinning in Seoul
Chanpon.org: Lost In Translation: The Bill Phone
GameGirlAdvance: Finger Lickin' GameBoy

Here is the guy that brings it all together -
A Korean Wrapper whose name I forget.

For the record, I had a deep desire to have Walter Matthau's face wrapped on my US mobile device. But the dark plastic won't show images, I was told. And I was going to wrap this picture of Doug Church as Mashimaro, as edited together by Brian Sharp, but that didn't come to pass either - my camera's metal body wouldn't handle it. It's tough to be on the cutting edge.

Posted on 18 November 2003 : 23:46 (TrackBack)
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