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commentson 19 November 2003 : 12:40, anne sez:

isn't it distracting to have an image of food on your game boy? i think i would have to constantly put it down in search of some fried chicken...

commentson 19 November 2003 : 17:53, Liz sez:

I Hello Kitty'd the hell outta my mobile phone today. Fun!!!

commentson 19 November 2003 : 22:14, roBin sez:

When Brian told me about this photo editing project I was impressed.
Seeing it, I am even more impressed.
Truely.... stunning.

commentson 22 November 2003 : 01:39, JoaoBambu sez:

Great articles! Keep at it, Justin!!

commentson 22 November 2003 : 19:50, Howard sez:

Great articles, but dude -- you haven't posted anything at all in, like, four days!

commentson 27 November 2003 : 08:38, Matt Haughey sez:

This is the best picture I've ever seen of Matthau, taken in the 80s when he was the official starter of a 10k race (it's a starter's pistol -- and I only saw it because I designed a site for this race and this was in their pile of photos).

Having a "Matthau's Got a Gun" phone would be very cool.

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