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Sunday, 2 November - link

drafting co-conspirators

Sunday night, reckoning. Coming back to the computer for the first time in a few days. Distance is telling. I'm worn down by the self-made maelstrom of productivity and excitement I've spun about in for the last few months (years?). So I need some help.

I got ten exciting replies to the Justin Hall/Links.net internship idea, different sorts of people with different skills, all eager to work, to be stimulated, to practice their craft, research or learn freelancing. Rather than pick one, I've drafted them all into a sort of strike-force on call. I emailed them a list of upcoming projects, asking for volunteers. It felt good to put down my freelance projects and my undeveloped ideas into a list - now we'll see who wants to join in on this media making. As I said to those folks, I'm going to share credit and sometimes cash. If you are interested in this kind of work and you didn't get the email, let me know.

One recent quick collaboration - I live on a stream. If you walk about fifteen minutes up the stream, through a storm drain, you'll come out in a small nature preserve. Some Oakland-pride art activists Oaklandish sponsored a concert in that part of the creek last weekend. Entertainment, within walking distance! Mark Growden on banjo and accordian - I took pictures, PeterMe wrote it up for BeastBlog.

I hope to extend my productivity to include other folks. And that might leave me some mental space to work on some longer texts. Mental space to work - I'm still popping acyclovir pills five times a day to try to beat this case of adult chicken-pox. I'm going to continue to spend more time on my couch than I spend in front of the computer for the next few days. This machine winds me up tight, curls me up like a wraith. I want my work to be about people. So I'm drafting co-conspirators.

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