Comments on drafting co-conspirators
commentson 3 November 2003 : 02:50, Mathias sez:

Hey ya, i didn't get the list-email :)

commentson 3 November 2003 : 03:11, Tom Barbalet sez:

What you are describing, with your interns, is fundamentally the same concept as Open Source. Too much work for one developer (who already has a user-base). The developer puts the word out - mentors others + gets the job done. The trick is maintaining the momentum.

All the best with it!

commentson 3 November 2003 : 13:13, Evan sez:

Sounds like brilliant fun, I must have missed your entry about it, was wondering if I could get the list as well?

commentson 4 November 2003 : 10:56, justin sez:

Open Source - what a wonderful analogy! I like that Tom - thank you. I'm going to mull over that. I suspect that by the time this freelance collaboration program has a few months behind it, it will have resembled a number of things. Right now, I can feel it growing around me - I'm excited.

commentson 4 November 2003 : 16:58, Damanda sez:

Hey! I didn't get your list either. The only list I remember included
"clip nails".
Can you send the e-mail to me?

commentson 4 November 2003 : 17:00, todd sez:

please sign me up. thanks.

commentson 5 November 2003 : 01:57, nimrod sez:

heya Justin,
i'd love to participate in your freelance internship-project, the only problem for me is that i can't send mails from where i work and i am sorta at work from monday-friday...
if that is no problem for you i'd really appreciate a chance to team up with the others around here :)

i did a couple of writing-jobs in the past (not journalistic, more for fun), offline and online... nothing big tho. most in german, some in english, and i'd really like to do more of this!

if you think there's a place for a motivated weekend-mailer/fulltime-surfer like me... well, just drop me some lines here or via mail and i'll be ready for (almost) anything ;)

nimrod // markus

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