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Tuesday, 7 October - link

tears for two

So let's weep for a moment, let some water fall between us for the promise held by two people. And if it was not held right, hands cupped, leaking barely drops between fingers, then it shall be something to remember for next time, when two hands come near. Maybe they will be ours, maybe those hands will belong to no one we've met yet. Hands cupping water must remember, hold tight. Or let go and spill? Feelig flow. I haven't yet understood. Either way I am wet, in a place with no paper towels. There are plenty of electric hand blowers though. The pat of paper, all that earth ever gave, the rantings of the lovelorn lead still to the grave. If I shake your hand, should we be buried together?

Japanese people are perhaps the most self-conscious people [of East Asians] he said. The last conversation in my long day of interviews - four mobile contents companies, four urban Tokyo regions, some English spoken, some Japanese. One game company office set up as an astrological temple, replete with a Taurus rug. I was tired when I met this man, so we mostly skipped the specifics of his company or mine. Instead he tried to fish information on his competitors and the US mobile contents market out of me, and I encouraged him to generalize about people and regions in Asia.

Japanese people are perhaps the most self-conscious people, he offered without prompting. And I feel quite self-conscious as well but I can't remember if I deliberately ignore those parts of me that bother other people or I'm just very selectively self-conscious. I pay an enormous amount of attention to my fingers on the keys and my words on the web, but not much attention to my hair or chewing with my mouth closed. Most all my senses of self seem heightened now, travelling alone again.

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