Comments on tears for two
commentson 7 October 2003 : 20:55, C(h)ristine sez:

hope you're okay.

commentson 7 October 2003 : 22:05, Anil sez:

Thinking of you, man.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 00:09, Judy sez:

Miss you Justin. Very heartfelt post.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 02:49, nimrod sez:

very beautiful post... reminds me of my own little crisis i'm trying to forget at the moment... maybe i shouldn't forget it...

commentson 8 October 2003 : 04:17, Liz sez:

Travelling alone again? I'm so sad for you. I hope you're OK Hun.


commentson 8 October 2003 : 09:09, mr. me sez:

"Most all my senses of self seem heightened now, travelling alone again."

yeah, I feel the same. they say having a great girlfriend/wife is great for your health/state of mind, and over the long term I'm sure it is, but I've also found that I'm far more creative and aesthetically lucid when not attached. even if she's a GREAT woman like the one you've been lucky enough to snag. cheers. much food for thought.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 10:57, Mark sez:

Not really specifically relating to the day. just saying that after stumbling over your site I have found it the most usefull in planning my first trip to japan this christmas to see my girlfriend. cheers. will keep visiting.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 11:39, mike sez:

Wow, very Pynchonesque post. I felt like I was reading "Gravity's Rainbow", except better.

I'm like Mr. Me. When I'm lonely I'm hungry. And when I'm hungry, I'm at my best.
"bittersweet" is still partly sweet.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 14:44, hunter sez:

I lost a girlfriend a year ago. It was a short relationship, rollercoaster ride, but still stays with me in many ways. The good news is this, as Mike notes - that the time since then has seen some of the best work I've ever done. Every cloud.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 19:48, Joao Paglione sez:

This reminds me of your Asperger's Syndrome post. I think I am the same way. I pay attention to minute details but might chew my nails or scratch my back while talking to others.

Hmm.. what does that mean?

commentson 8 October 2003 : 22:15, Brad sez:

If that means what I think it does... Sorry to hear that... hopefully the wanderlust of being on the road will make the travelling alone easier

commentson 8 October 2003 : 22:39, C(h)ristine sez:

Tell us how your visit to Korea's/Seoul's going! How's the food? Any weird street interactions? Any differences/similarities to Tokyo? (I've never been to Tokyo).

I'm sure lots of things suck right now, but hopefully you have enough distractions and new ideas and stimulations entering your life to see you through.

commentson 8 October 2003 : 23:31, Bro sez:

Wel, seems it was coming for a while now, when Justin removed the "with my partner Jane" from the intro on the top left of his page. Around the same time Jane took Justin off her list of family from her page. I was wondering what's was up with I guess we know.

commentson 9 October 2003 : 06:17, Joao Paglione sez:


I was quite nšive and didn't realize the true significance of the post or confused it with the former.

I couldn't imagine having a relationship and having it so public online because breaking up on the Web must be tough.

Hope you feel better Justin and bounce back!

- Jo„o

commentson 9 October 2003 : 11:25, Damanda sez:

Ugh!!! I hate to hear stuff like this....however I am glad you shared and I hope you are happier soon.

commentson 9 October 2003 : 14:11, erika sez:

damn! i knew this was gonna happen...she was perfect! she loves games!


commentson 16 October 2003 : 08:14, jann sez:


commentson 1 November 2003 : 16:32, Tina Menon sez:


Ive been a silent observer of your life/site for almost a year now. I kept the link saved and browsed through your life every so often. I hope you aren't offended by the generalisation I make now, based on reading your site and words you have written about yourself.

It seems to me you are a pragmatic romantic, and it also seems that when you find your next companion she will enliven your journey more.

I wish you good luck

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