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Tuesday, 9 September - link

ever throbbing

New York is throbbing as ever; people ask me, how do you make money? Nearly every day here. I'm meeting some strangers, we're interviewing gameheads. Video cameras computers, lugged between event and party; we're carrying our tools and documenting what we see.

I'm accustomed to immediately spewing my reflections online. But our theme ("the cultural impact of video games" and "the role of new york city in the cultural production of video games") has staged our production on hard drives and magnetic tape until we have a chance to properly spin it all into a reflection of our worldwide wandering.

In the immediate sense? I'm tempering my hunger and anxiety that comes from "how do you make money?" questions. Trying to gather as much stimulation as I can for the brief time I'll have to process it all. So far, data gathering exceeds production and promotion time. If there's any lesson I'm learning from the rapid patter and project visitation, those that aren't yet friends need a handle for what Jane and I do. And maybe we can fashion that handle in print and phone calls from the West Coast again - "Hello, I met you outside of that event. My project? I'm interested in your project." Brockman said something like, "Find people in your generation doing interesting things and work with them." A few of those people might be in Manhattan.

Briefer notes? Tokion's conference is over; notes TK. Stayed with Souris and Silvio (introduced by Wayne). Saw a fingerprint phone there. Now staying with Eric; ate with Ethan, Anil & Alaina, Greg & Karen, but not yet Kitao. We won't be in Austin this week. Two days until my next deadline; two weeks until we might leave for TGS. GK's been pushing against People magazine. Mom had her hand surgery; so far so good.

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