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commentson 9 September 2003 : 13:02, Taylor sez:

How DO you make money, Justin?

commentson 9 September 2003 : 13:05, Taylor sez:

How DO you make money, Justin ?

By the way, I do my best to tell everyone I meet about your:

commentson 9 September 2003 : 14:13, Damanda sez:

For GK:
This year I made a press kit for my friend's clothing line. She didn't like the one that her publicist did for her which was rather straight, so she asked me to come up with something. I did a file folder stamped "top secret" with a surveillance report, evidence bags including catalogs and photos and suspect rap sheet on the designer complete with mugshots phony fingerprints, etc. ...the whole theme of the press kit was that I was a private detective and was trailing the designer and the chicks in the catalog (retro undies for the betty page set). I had fake PI business card and downloaded some sample surveillance reports from a P.I.'s website, etc. Anyway, the publicist took the kits to MAGIC and mailed them to fashion editors all over the world. She told me that everyone LOVED them and was freaking out over them.

Not 3 months later...I opened up Blackbook magazine and saw a 2 page ad spread by Adidas totally jacking my idea. If it were anything BUT a clothing company (since those kits had been all over the fashion world) I would think it might be coincidence. However, I'm kind of flattered. I told another designer friend about it and he laughed. He said that everyone in the fashion industry rips everyone off and that they laugh at the whole downloading argument. He says you know you've made it when people are walking around in cheap knockoffs of your clothing line.

I know that doesn't make you feel any better....I once went to some guy's art exhibit in Athens. The theme of it was "graffitti". I was shocked as shit to see that probably 80% of his show was stuff that I had written on the walls of bars, in booths and in bathroom walls all over campus. I don't know how he did it but he did silkscreens or something on canvas of all of my drunken scrawled writing on canvas. He had little cards on the corner of the canvas that stated where the graffitti was located. Damn! Anyway, I guess you should be flattered. No one wants to rip you off unless you're clever (or drunk).

commentson 9 September 2003 : 19:11, Joo Paglione sez:

How do you make money?

I get that question alot rather than "Are you Happy with What you are doing?". I guess that really shows what are on people's mind .. how much money you make and not what you are passionate about.

Well, I am not in bliss being poor but a hell alot more happy than my friends who are lawyers and investment bankers. I always did what I believed in and it took me to China and all sorts of places, yet I don't have any money..

Keep on living it up Justin! And inspiring me!

commentson 9 September 2003 : 19:41, Damanda sez:

ugh...sorry about the triple post. the site kept saying. Unable to connect. ergh.

p.s. i've been freelancing for the last 8 months and keep telling people that I do "paperwork" for a living....because if you de-glamourize your job ...most people could say that they do "paperwork" of some sort.

commentson 10 September 2003 : 04:11, Liz sez:

NYC sounds great. I cant wait to see pictures!

I think many people envy your life, thats why they keep asking you the same thing. They want to know where they can sign up for the same gig.


commentson 10 September 2003 : 05:55, erik whlstrm sez:

i've followed your website many years now, and i still find it amazing that you seems to live, and live well.. you give me inspiration to persue the goal of living an interesting life, not making money. it is clearly possible.

commentson 10 September 2003 : 15:38, howard sez:

Justin --

Tokyo, Amsterdam, Mantova, and Linz were extremely interesting. Thank you for urging me to make the decision to go. Definitely a better place for me to be than the playa this year. Call me as soon as you get back! Hugs!

commentson 13 September 2003 : 07:06, j sez:


I have absolutely no idea what you are on about in this post.

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