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Wednesday, 20 August - link

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My duty to my Helsinki hosts has been discharged. Last night with three gents I took to the stage for a panel discussion on mobile potential. What will these devices mean to us? Lots of snapshots, and music distribution. One hour, watchable online for the next two months in RealVideo or Windows Media, from a link on this page.
mobile net summit
It was all to commemorate TheFeature.com relaunching. I've been writing for them since 1999 - they've allowed me to pursue an interest in the social impact of technologies in the company of good writers and editors. But they had a frames-based web site with some unweildy links.

Now they've relaunched in a Slashdot/weblog style. So they have news stories and feature length pieces still, and also user journals and short links. Starting today, I'm responsible for a mix of articles, links and observations on a monthly basis - sort of a freelancer's commitment. It's the first time I believe I've been paid directly to maintain a journal.

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