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Friday, 1 August - link

in front of me

I have been writing a lot for Game Girl Advance. So I put a list of my recent GGA posts in the upper right corner of the front page (drawn from a quick whipped-up RSS feed of my GGA posts). These days, that site tends to have more Justin updates than Justin's Links. Because I'm studying the culture of games more than I'm explicitly studying myself, and there's a good conversation happening there around those issues.

Besides writing, I'm making lots of proclimations. We should eat at home more. Jane and I are both decent cooks, we enjoy cooking. So I declared my intention that we should enjoy that more. Jane took that to mean that she should manage our eating from home more, and she wasn't so excited to see her time consumed with meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleanup. So in order to assuage her fears, I scrounged a dinner from refrigerator leftovers and a dessicated half onion plucked from our trash can ("i didn't need to know that" sez Jane). Coming home late from her band practice, she found a lightly bubbling pan of pasta with olives and ricotta. This morning she brought me a bit of yogurt with the last bit of leftofter vegan plum crisp from Lulu. This is what is in front of me.

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