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Wednesday, 4 June - link

Breakfast for Sale

I cashed in a couple ten thousand United miles to get a US Airways ticket to visit my five-year college reunion. I'll be flying from San Francisco to Swarthmore Pennsylvania, a long way to travel for two nights. I'm looking forward to seeing faces outside of the few I've kept in touch with, and hopefully a few Professors besides (two with personal web pages: Kitao and Burke).

For the last two years, I flew United almost exclusively, back and forth from California to Asia. Now I'm flying another US domestic carrier. My flight leaves at 6.30am. Will there be food service? I asked the operator. "Breakfast will be for sale, for $7." Looks like I'm taking part in a bold new experiment in travel concessions - charging at the door.

Food and drink are one way to make people feel more comfortable. That's true the world over - 'have a drink, stay a minute" or "can I get you some tea?" Even with the elation of a new place or a good companion, travel can be discombobulating, unsettling the stomach and grinding the nerves. I've found a microwave dish of salty cheese pasta that I wouldn't eat on land was among the best thing that could come along during a flight. I wonder how it will be to sit and watch some people order and snack on pricey muffins, while others gaze at the food longingly or quizzically? Maybe people will start sharing reviews and information, or maybe a stray pickle. I'll hope to bring along some of my freezer food, and make all of them jealous.

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