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Saturday, 3 May - link

Back-Due Bandwidth Bills

Since 1994, Links.net been hosted by friends, geeks, in San Francisco. Most of that time it has been more or less gratis; I was piggybacking on the large virtual real estate set up for the brave shared future of publishing.

Parts of that future came true - a million personal projects have bloomed. But other parts of that future haven't come to pass - the revenue streams from our web dreams are in arrears.

One hard-up friend today apologetically handed me a back-due bill for web hosting for nine months at $75 a month - $675 (I use a lot of bandwidth, and a lot of space). Do you get enough pleasure out of reading this web site to give a cash donation towards that amount? PayPal takes a 5% cut, Amazon takes a 15% cut.

Posted on 3 May 2003 : 10:20 (TrackBack)
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