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Saturday, 15 March - link

Chin Plucking

I've finally found something more addictive than video gaming - plucking my chin hairs. I started shaving at 26, even two years later I don't have much to manage - mostly a few tough black wires standing a forest of thin blond hairs. But since I have forgotten to shave for a few showers in a row my whiskers have grown to graspable length. Between my thumbnail and indexfingernail I can grasp and yank and a slight bit of pain yields a long hair sprout. I figure these hairs will take longer to grow back than hairs that have only been shaven - a good technique for forestalling more hygiene work. Except that I'm plucking unevenly - a few a day. I've read that before sharpened metal, human animals used clam shells to shave - or maybe to tweeze? Maybe I should try tweezers and nail all these hairs in one twenty minute long plucking session. Jane seems nonplussed by the whole thing - warning me of irritated skin and ingrown hairs. I guess I'll experiment and see.

Posted on 15 March 2003 : 14:35 (TrackBack)
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