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commentson 15 March 2003 : 15:18, Michael sez:

Dude, you need to try waxing them hairs out. I'm seen my wife do the waxing thing on her legs and it looks like some sort of torture system...

commentson 15 March 2003 : 15:25, Joi Ito sez:

Tweezers hurt more. There's something fun about plucking them when you're thinking... It's a bad habit I'm trying to quit.

commentson 15 March 2003 : 15:34, Jim Blass sez:

She isnt non-plussed. She is waiting for you to grow up.

commentson 15 March 2003 : 17:29, cody sez:

i had a girlfriend back in the day who hated the scratchieness of my chin, so i figured i'd pluck them ALL out. It worked... but not for very long. It wasn't worth it. That is all.

commentson 15 March 2003 : 23:35, misuba sez:

Dude, you should have stopped after the first line.

commentson 16 March 2003 : 02:32, mandingo sez:

My brother, you must have a little Afro in your background. Don't be gettin da black man ingrown hair malady. Grow a beard.

Problem at you beein 26 bee you eatin too much soulfood.

No Dancing Permitted


commentson 16 March 2003 : 11:03, howard sez:

Hair pulling or plucking anywhere on the body is also called Trichotillomania
and is a subset of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

(I wonder if there is any connection with your mild Asperger's Syndrome?)

commentson 16 March 2003 : 13:09, Liz sez:

I'm actually glad that you brought thios topic up Justin! You see, I am a female with thick black eyebrows (yes, thicker than Janes) and tweezing has been an issue for me since I was 11 or so. Recently, I have found a make-up artist by the name of Landy Dean and I plan on writing a piece about my trials and tribulations post uni-brow. I will be submitting the piece to fashion and beauty mags as this man is a god send to us all. :)

Ps. Hi Howard, loved the mention of your book in last weeks TIME. How excited were you about that?

commentson 16 March 2003 : 14:20, howard sez:

Hi Liz. It was a BIG THRILL! Not as much fun as digging a juicy hair out with my fingernails, but less, oh, trichotillomaniac.

commentson 16 March 2003 : 15:29, justin sez:

Thanks for the medical context Howard. About the only other compulsive behaviour I'm manifesting these days is some occasional leg-twitching - at times, Jane complains that I shake the couch/bench.

I don't think of my new experiments in whisker-grabbing as an uncontrollable habit - for me it's like hunting for treasure on my face. The rewards delight me, but I don't feel unclean or out of sorts if I have unplucked hairs still standing. I haven't yet integrated my plucking with thinking, as Joi mentioned. Maybe that would be dangerous. Most of my thinking these days takes place while both of my hands are firmly planted on a keyboard or controller.

I feel bad for those people who have internal forces driving them pick out unreasonable swaths of hair (and eat them). Me, I'm just harnassing my fingers instead of Gilette or Norelco! But as you trenchantly observed Cody, it's not an efficient means to shave. So I must get some pleasure for it. Does that make me some kind of hygiene pervert? Calling it Trichotillomania doesn't seem to leave much room for fun with my flesh and hairs!

commentson 16 March 2003 : 15:38, jane sez:

justin, i am not "nonplussed". i agree with Howard that it's probably a mild compulsion, and i wish you'd stop doing it. not only will it irritate your skin and create ingrown hairs, your language indicating that you find it "addictive" seems to suggest that this behavior is habit-forming. nip it in the bud! in the long run you'll be happier you did.

besides, it's not like you have to shave every day or anything - once a week seems to work fine for you. so leave those little hairs alone until you're weilding a razor!

commentson 16 March 2003 : 17:19, benj sez:

word, jane.

commentson 16 March 2003 : 18:01, Timothy Burke sez:

I have two fiendishly long eyebrow hairs that grow out that are weirdly different than the other hairs--they feel coarse, like wires, they're much thicker. I forget about them until they get really long and then I sometimes find them by accident, absent-mindedly. When I do, I can't resist twirling them around and around until they break off.

But that's about once every three months, and it doesn't hurt. I think maybe Jane speaks sense here.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 14:15, Gen Kanai sez:

Justin, that shaking-the-leg-thing is called "bimbo usuri" in Japanese and isn't a great habit either. It is seen as a lack of confidence, not that it really is, of course.

I have my own compulsions that I'm trying to stamp out but it is really hard. If anyone has any success stories or mechanisms, I'm all ears. I haven't tried hypnotism but I'm up for that if it works.

commentson 18 March 2003 : 18:26, jimbo sez:


wanted to be just like you but since I am hairless face-wise I decided to adapt your technique to pubic hairs.

Stings a bit, but in a sick way feels really quite good.

Love the one your with...


commentson 18 March 2003 : 21:36, Judy sez:

Justin, I will research a method of hair removal that may be exotic enough for both you and Jane. I think I read about it in NY Times, or maybe just the Chron. It involves two pieces of thread, capturing the hair between the twisted threads and twirling.

commentson 4 April 2003 : 06:40, guyman sez:

keep offfffffff umu igbo

commentson 25 September 2003 : 21:56, anton xie sez:

I also have the same problem with facial hair plucking. I used to pluck armpits hair too, but since it grows fast and the new hairs could uncomfortably itchy, I only resort to facial hair plucking. I have my own tweezer here on my desktop and another set at home. I enjoy the plucking activity and I enjoy plucking the smallest hair ever. I sometimes have ingrown hairs and it's a bit fun to dig it out. I have never thought it as a problem because I enjoy it. My only problem is the bimbo usuri. I couldn't stop it and it could be quite embarassing at social gathering.


commentson 16 October 2003 : 16:42, Jacko sez:


You folks are weird!

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commentson 17 October 2003 : 09:29, Alice sez:

Eyebrow hairs for me, especially when thinking. I look ever so odd when revising. Bald as a coot!

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