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Saturday, 8 March - link

Gathering Deft Conjuctions

Eight AM is too late already driving towards Adam and maybe Ryan and usually with Jane from North to South Bay dragging small machines and wanting only to see the future reflected in some glassy eyes besides our own. People that make the pull we feel for flat boxes might be sharing their links and things you couldn't find in the electros. What did we see of use to citizens at home and abroad? Adel Verpflichtet, for one thing, sandwiched two a.m. carpet between the thirsty frenchwoman and a midwife friend. Blank bubble gun carrying X-mech woman earned talk of sharpie alterations. We joined the Texas intellectuals for coconut milk. Grandfather gaming spake and Casey flew - whoo whoo!

Now my throat leaks sad phlegm from leaving the wonderful Game Developer's Conference. Four days in the last week, driving long from home - not selling any specific idea there or elsewhere, but taking the time to study at the feet of and linked arm-in-arm with many of the best minds in North American gaming.

Jane joined the game developers in advocating a radical proactivity and that has been quite well-received from outside the event.

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