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Wednesday, 5 March - link

Like You Live

Adam is ShinobingThis weekend, Jane and I rented a U-Haul truck to move a TV, two cabinets and a battered 1987 stand up arcade game Shinobi into our house in Oakland. An older black man with large cheeks in a floppy hat with mottled skin was there to help us get our truck and arrange our dollies. After the truck inspections, I reached up half-heartedly for the canvas strap to pull down the rear door. I missed. This older man smiled at me and gestured towards the strap, exhorting: "Snatch it like you live, baby!"

I was so astounded by his admonition that I stared slack-jawed until he finally reached up and pulled the strap down himself. I then repeated his remark to myself and Jane and all persons we met for the next few days.

(picture: Adam playing the first game on the new machine)

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