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commentson 5 March 2003 : 14:54, gnome-girl sez:

That is just not even right!!! I need a place big enough to haul one of those into my pad!!
I am *jealous*!

but in a good way yo!

commentson 5 March 2003 : 15:21, Liz sez:

Hey! Did you guys buy a new house? I always thought you lived in an apartment. Maybe I just assumed. :)

commentson 5 March 2003 : 15:25, Justin sez:

Jane and I have been living here and there, with family, on our own, in apartments, between Tokyo and San Francisco, for almost the last year. Nomadic lifestyle. I used to live in a house in Oakland, I sub-letted it when I went to Japan. Those people living there just left, so for the next few months at least, Jane and I are living there.

commentson 5 March 2003 : 17:50, calvin sez:


aaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh. if only to handle those controls once again and throw the stars at my opponents as they popped up in front of my eyes.

whischt whishct whischt


commentson 5 March 2003 : 21:58, person sez:

Sorry for the unrelated comment, but I think this has to be posted. It concerns an example of the extremely ignorant attitudes towards war with Iraq:

commentson 7 March 2003 : 09:32, Hedley sez:

Of course you can get a quick Shinobi fix (and *more*) with Mame! I have a romset that has ~3000 roms of which I see there are 3 versions of Shinobi. Usual rom disclaimers apply, of course I have all 3000 cabinets. :)

commentson 8 March 2003 : 18:26, Justin sez:

Hah! I'm now legally allowed to download the Shinobi ROM from other legimate Shinobi-owners online, since I own the Shinobi circuit-board. Video game cabinets - the real thing - they're expensive and heavy! Space-expensive! And moving-expensive. But arcade game ROMs? They're so small and easy to trade, it must be tempting for people who love arcade games to play ROMs without owning the proper cabinets.

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