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Tuesday, 25 February - link

writing together

jteam.jpegJane and I recently took a look at erotic/personal uses of mobile technology for The Feature: Mo' Smut in Japan. It was posted on Valentine's Day (awww). As some folks noticed it took us too long to get her bio and a group photograph attached.

This was fun! I've got instincts for tracking down sources, she's got good media sleuthing skills and a better sense of Japanese culture and language. We both wrote on the same document throughout, though she lamented that I wrote the last draft and added too many sentence fragments. I'll let her have the last draft next time. Writing together takes some good communication; when we're getting along well we can do great fun work.

two teeveesWe're also sharing game reviewing too - two TVs and two laptops before the fireplace here in Oakland. Jane wrote about Animal Crossing and I wrote about Super Monkey Ball 2, both for Mindjack since Donald bugged us to do this and secured games for us. Jane and I pass the controllers and the laptops back and forth, critiquing games and our writing about it.

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