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Saturday, 22 February - link

ito fishering

Two days one night in LA visiting Scott and Mimi and Luna and Eamon at their small house with a garden long enough to have a chicken coop where I couldn't hear it in the morning sleeping in the dismantled bunk bed in the children's room.

at USCI came here to brainstorm with them their next generation of personal/professional web sites. And to meet with USC Interactive Media Department to talk about knowledge management (ie, posting things (links) and talking about them online). And to drop by OJR unannounced, talk to Josh for hours and emerge with another idea for an unwritten article.

Scott is at my side now, trying to figure out how to classify his thoughts and projects. "My books are all packed up in the garage, they're supposed to remind me of what I'm interested in." The chirp squak garden sounds leak in the windows and open door. "Oh!" He sits up, "I can check the names of my [file] folders [on this laptop]."

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