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Thursday, 13 February - link


My eight year old neice Cassidy has discovered Internet chat - instant messaging. It's her entertainment software it seems; these last two days she's been sending me messages saying "gtg!" (got to go!) and then logging off right away. Usually people don't call you up to say goodbye - I think she likes provoking me at my computer. I can picture her giggling on the other end of the Internet, tee-heeing as she searches for another distraction. A text prank call across the world's greatest communications tool.

Before that she was quizzing me about Jane, asking when Jane would be on to chat. I told her Jane's chat nickname, I wonder if she's prank calling Jane too? Probably not right now, since Jane is back here at my side on the couch visiting her friends in Animal Crossing. We celebrated her return from Japan with some hearty Mexican food at Picante and a few moments of deep breathing each others scent and smiles flat and standing before returning to our screens, together again.

Posted on 13 February 2003 : 17:55 (TrackBack)
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