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New Otani Inn
Business Hotel
11000 / night

New Otani Inn I was sold on staying here as a package from the airport. The price seemed reasonable. The intense porno brochuring in the room kinda threw me for a loop here.

Not a remarkable place - it's what you'd expect trying to save some money and still work through the official airport hotel-placement service.

New Otani Inn It was a gentle introduction to Japanese hotels. You insert your key in the wall to turn the lights on. Next your bed, a console controls the TV, a radio, the lights, a clock with an alarm.

New Otani Inn There was pay-per-view porn on the TV, as there would be at most American hotels. Except here the promotional literature is itself pornographic - a gallery of naked Japanese ladies front their wares alongside Mission Impossible 2 and the rest of the movie-fare.

the next night I stayed at the Kimi Ryokan

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