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Hc Akita
Map of Japan
Courtesy of Life in Akita
Akita is a prefecture (Americans: think "State") in the north of Japan's main island. It's a part of Japan outside of the main urban commerce and tourism loop. Accordingly, it is a place with much natural beauty and old Japanese culture. Perhaps you could say that Minnesota or Mississippi are similar remote country bastions of old American culture?

After some time in busy Tokyo, I was in the mood for some of the quiet and culture of Akita. Akita winters were reputed to be among the snowiest and coldest in Japan; I wanted to see serious deep snow and living bits of old Japan. I spent most of January and February of 2002 in Akita.

Tsurunoyu Near c Tazawa-ko (lake Tozawa), there are many hot springs. ߂̓ Tsurunoyu is probably the oldest and most revered. It's beautiful and it smells like old eggs.

Yuzawa Matsuri
index.html In the most technology crazy country in the world, children ride giant snow dogs beneath close fireworks to honor the little snow gods.

Bonden Festival
index.html A rural Japanese festival in Yokote city where groups of men wearing pajamas in severe winter weather build and decorate long rods that they carry two kilometers uphill to shove into the town's temple.

Kamakura Festival
index.html In the mist of a deep cold winter in north Japan, the snow in Yokote lights up with candle light.

Snow Walk
index.html How do you walk through four feet of snow? You crawl.
Visiting the snow stuffed forests of Akita with a camera and quiet.

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