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mike the g
Mike team taught me a lot of the things that Jerry also taught me - but Mike isn't quite the politician that Jerry is. Mike is a seductive starer. I remember a lot of loud silences between us - even if he wasn't trying to engage me, the air was heavy.

Maybe it's that he looks so much like Perry Farrell.

I like Mike - we've had some good times together. One in particular, we drank ourselves sick on Colt 45 outside of CBGBs in New York. His wonderful girlfriend Maud had taken us to see her step-brothers band "Girls against Boys." She had to drive the two of us puking fools home three hours. That was memorable.

We went to a few Dead shows together. He had an uncanny memory for set lists. Soldier Field, 1991, second night, he could pull it off.

A 150k .au message Mike left for me Spring 1994.

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