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Young and serious, passion, playful perhaps.

Her hugs are not to be forgotten, if she ever let go of you. Like a Big Red commercial without the lip action. Her roommates say she's like a growth. I've called her "the gripper" - I don't think she likes either.

She sure likes to hug though. Like she wants you to be super solidly rooted immobile with her.

I don't know what her sexual proclivities are, not so much toward me. It's like she's too serious, integral to flirt with easily, though I have found that much conversation avails potential heat.

Me, I'm not used to makin' bacon with earth signs, specifically Capricorn. She's got a serious chastity to her, coupled with intense hugging makes for a dwellable package,

sacrelized affection.
So her passion ain't necessarily so physical, bedroom eyes, but more like really thinking through and believing what she sez, and does.

Not a bad thing, really.

It means sometimes she don't talk much. But she's a freshperson, I imagine another year or two of Swarthmore will toughen her up.

She was involved in Cabaret.

It's nice to meet someone who's techno-saavy, knows about Wired and etc. Her father, Steve, is a Professor at MIT's Media Lab.

Her web page is February begun, containing quite robust personal expression thus far.

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