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Justin Hall

HotWired Editorial Assistant

That's me on the green of Swarthmore

Justin Hall is an Editorial Assistant at HotWired because I have taken time off from school at Swarthmore college.

I run a web commentary page called:

Links from the Underground

that merges my penchance for computers and writing. These two things, amongst others, got me my job here. Read how I became a card carrying member of the digital revolution.

That job consists of primarily editorial and net legwork - fixing and finding things for various parts of HotWired. In addition, I am active in threads, where someone said something nice about me the other day.

Pieces of Justin:

  1. A more extensive biography/personal information page is available.
  2. I enjoy writing. For a varied sampling of my creations, survey my written work online.
  3. I have put up the basics of Astrology. A gif of my astrology chart lives online as well.
  4. I have put pictures of my friends and family online
  5. A list of my employment achievements can be found listed on my resume

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