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dream: 7 september 1999

last night had a bbq with joel and sam(mac) from work, amy with dana and arwa, esing and her friends. we ate grilled tuna, portobello mushroom, corn on the cob, potato salad, and joel and i ate italian sausage.

with josh koppel
leaving from 1240 to socialize down state
to megan driscoll's,
nextdoor to purtill's where they used to have groceries, meat
i wanted to get with her mentally or emotionally
some connection
years back,
i had taken notes from a previous conversation of ours on my arm
some in english, some japanese
i didn't speak i think she did
it was nearly impossible to impress her
she lived in a cedar lined pad with a rock tile inlaid pool
warm turquoise in a solarium
a dream to swim in
but not swimmable by us at this time

with her mom we talk
a nice woman doing some charitable works
we are no longer welcome,
i have left my car some where near guy gellar's
so i head to lasalle and ?
where there is a fire across the sky, down the street
and many many trucks and men
who have made the fire to watch and perhaps test their skills

i hear a single long slow violin
it's from the building on the corner
inside, it is a child's birthday
there are many people in a large room with a tall ceiling
on a ledge near the top, a few twenty something punkers bang persistently on cymbals
while below a classic string quartet has at least one member sawing mournful notes out of his violin

it is a transcendant moment
i have reached a night out
that defies prediction

extracting myself
(probably last night's beer calling me to the bathroom)
my car is lost, i meet up with my brother and his pal ron
they've had their own fun,
now we're walking back through cabrini green
and they don't want to take a cab
there's all sorts of folks that we were observed to fear as youths
so we agree to run through this part of town
as we do, children and old people
standing with casual hands
slap me, ouch! on the top of my head
my force of motion - i'm slapping myself

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