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dream: 1 may 1999

after late night seafood combinations and immediate bedtime, i seem to have immersive upsetting horrific dreams, like this one:

(this all took place at Parker)

after seeing dan frank the morphing amputee
and resolving myself to coach banks

he suggested i should be a boxing manager
talking to taylor brode's sister who was reputed to be a nympho,
i am walking to get a ride with her she is playing me off her homicidal hispanic boyfriend
i think i opted out

so i am then walking near school in this flexible familiar reality
near that old walgreens
and there is bodies being pulled out
like piles of naked torosos
naked chests
naked legs are being tossed in a dumpster
naked arms
i see a tall man looks like dan richel walking naked without arms
somehow blood from his asshole
police are handling the piece removal, routinely i wake up astonished - that is gore on a scale that has hollowed out my mind
my natural inclination to curiousity has me standing in the shower, thinking
how would someone make that happen to so many bodies?
that is not nice to think about.

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