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17 august, 1995

Crashed at Chris and Peter's after two emergency rooms stiching up my bleeding wound.
driving with Julie Petersen into the country
she has left her husband and we are wandering
I was going to leave my computer with Jim but I need something to work on
anyways this trip is only for a weekend.
clothing removal and we are sexing
stray touches and a few rubbings
she strokes my cock in my shorts
and says that "valiant" doesn't like that
the momentum is thought-provoking
I find her very attractive
we continue to walk
leave the wet stuff behind
find cars overturned trashed abandoned
each has a story, she tells me some
we drink coloured drinks from huge plastic containers we leave by the pathside
in a house like grampa's we are speaking of the craft
I want her to give me her raunchiest work
it is some kind of future, I have lived through a few eras
the Dead are gone and gasoline pumps have changed
I find Wilson at once programming the dedestruction of his sport utility vehicle
inside that house is my relatives and grampa
he looks at my wound unshying
rips off my bandage and acknowledges its a doozy

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