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After veg dinner party with Wayne and Heidi and Kathleen
Dreamt last night that I was in a giant whorehouse complex being run by pimps from and staffed with prostitute girls from Mills. At first I was kind of excited - they asked me to choose a lady to have sex with but each one I chose was either brain damaged or brain washed - none were confident enough to be sexy.

And the dudes were acting wrong too - I rode a ski lift a long time up to the winter vacation part of the cinokex; Matt asked me if I wanted him to write me a DVD review, I said sure, it was like at a strip club when they ask you if you want to dance and then it turns out you're in the hole $20. I tried to see why the heck he wanted to drive me into debt just to make his own money. He didn't seem to have thunk it out.

I was torn between liberating the ladies and gent with brave words, calling down some kind of hidden reprisal on myself, and seeing the way the system worked in order to get myself lots of nookie. But it was too weird - no one was terribly fun to be with. Michael was one of the brainwashed lads, and I got him singing, and that seemed to loosen up his mind-control.

But wandering around this complex - all intake was chemically coded. I was standing in line for the urinal with all these fat dudes and they were each waiting one by one even though it turned out the bathroom was just a room with no toilet fixtures in it. So I pushed all the men into the room and had us all piss at once and these displays on the wall came on and started showing us exactly where we'd been in this giant entertainment whorehouse america complex, as the computers in the floor read the chemicals in our piss.

The trash truck outside woke me up in the morning - I had a headache.

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