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"You know how cats' dicks swell up after sex?"
She shook her head and pursed her lips.
"When you hear caterwauling, the long slow painful meowling of some cats in the neighborhood during sex, it's because the male cat's dick has swollen up something large so he can't get out while the sperms are busy working. That's pain for both of them I believe, so they yeowl."
"Maybe I have cat dick."

We walked twenty minutes up the long hill to the snowbound inn in the mountains. In our bare room we wrestled to the ground, two weeks since we'd had this chance. Before we put our futons down we were struggling with underpants. "Menses" she said. "Delicious" I said.

Penis at the gates, and they weren't so open. We had been stroking and poking, tickling and kissing for some time and she was some wet but we could not make it with ease. She's been tight before, but this was sandpaper.

So we eased off and talked and kissed and stroked and wrestled and came again to that point. She was fully wet now on my fingers and wriggling her hips and making some favourable sounds. On the bottom, I held her against my chest and worked it in myself. There was some of that small ripping and pain felt when it's been a while, and usually you arrive inside and then things slide up and you can fuck good and long.

This was so tight; things ended quick for me. I thought to leave my penis there in that hot bath of sperm and blood, but it was starting to hurt. And so I pulled it out.

So after some time I felt that perhaps there was something legimately wrong. Upon inspection, it appeared as though my foreskin had swollen lips around my dick:


I thought perhaps I'd broken a blood vessel. But there wasn't any severe reddening involved. I grabbed some snow from outside the window, wrapped it in a handkerchief, applied it to my cock, and sat under a blanket to receive visitors.

Later inspection revealed that the swelling had increased:



I thought I looked like my dick had a fat lip; so she snapped this picture for me:


She became more concerned; did I want to go to a hospital?
The last bus was gone, it was twenty minutes of walking in snow down a hill to get to a road, then where's the hospital nearby? But her worrying I think might have allowed me to relax.

Gently placed in my pants, it was chafed only slightly during dinner. By mid-evening there was little noticeable pain, and the shape had changed again:


So of course there is little to do but wait until morning. Perhaps I will have to have my foreskin removed. By Leatherman or Japanese country-village surgeon. Perhaps I will have to go to Tokyo to have a Japanese dick-specialist examine my mushroom. Perhaps I will wake up and forget what happened, roll over and create it again.

Anyhow, slightly concerning, mostly given the location. The sheer enormity of finding a compassionate, skilled, knowledgable doctor sort in these parts is daunting. I mostly wonder when I'll be able to take a bath again, and I wonder, what did I do wrong? I share this with you so you might share any information you have, or at least learn from my example. I don't know what that is though!

Kurt B. provides this info, culled from the web:

Briefly, lately I've been noticing that after severe masturbation or oral sex, my penis has been swelling around the circumference of the foreskin. There is no pain, but it is worrying me, because I've never noticed it before. Is this normal or should I have it checked out?
-- shawn carney

The foreskin is very loose, very delicate, and very prone to swelling with only minor trauma. If the swelling is persistent for more than a few hours or associated with pain or redness I would have it examined.
-- Harry Neuwirth, MD, April 23, 2000.

Try some time a Google search on:
oedema of the prepuce
oedematous prepuce

There are too many Web pages about Paraphimosis.

- Thanks Kurt! And other folks who have written in with their stories and information. And offers for circumcision!

In 2013 January I did a brief storytelling including this Cat Dick mishap, as part of a series on "TMI" - you can listen here at "A Prelude to a Kiss with Oneself"


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