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staying in havre de grace, about 60 miles north of baltimore, between aberdeen and perryville.

visionary cooks breakfast south of the mason-dixon line, signs up 'round here talkin' bout

get us out of the u.n.!

there's crabs all I can eat everywhere, exciting

ew, yuk, my host sez, shellfish are underexcreting bottom feeders
crabs 'll eat anything down there.

peter brooks put me up,

arrival may 20 at the baltimore travel plaza, he sez you'll know me as the only guy with dredlocks

in his house that night, lingering long with his first opposed to internet weirdo visitor, ephedra her name, she knew much about herbs, and well,

sandtown-winchester on the 21st, I visited Coppin State College with him, 98% african american attendance.
we drove through sandtown-winchester to get here, I took some pictures, it's going to be a hot summer.

peter was surprised there weren't more folks out on the street,

a lot of folks is dead.

so we speak of mayor kurt shmoke, retreated on drug legalization in the face of the churches.

peter runs the media arts program here, mostly TV work.

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