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Gallery of shots from Japanese J-Phone camera.

October 2001 - April 2002 : Japan; America

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wow!  I got a phone and it can take my picture! wait I didn't look too happy, let's try that again! japan neighbor ryan i like this guy's watch, let's take a picture of it.  it looked truly old, and he was old.  but maybe it was a retro-reconstruction. tired of something higashi sensei - my japanese teacher looking longhaired in a hiro-o cafe populated by foreigners and civilized looking Japanese ladies hey!  it's a crazy lively girl I met in roppongi. hey justin!  stop taking a picture of me with your phone and get back to studying Japanese here! can i get a picture of myself in the mirror, refracted with this thing? hmm, maybe a mirror picture won't work. taking my picture for my visa applications writing in japanese is hard shinjuku - the city of electric light with let me try that shinjuku picture without my glasses. hey!  this guy is just plain asleep next to me!  let's surreptitiously take his photo with this camera phone. with han solo in carbonite at kenji eno's office. this old guy had lived in America in the 1920s and 1930s leading up to the war.  His dad worked for the American railroads.  He liked American and rembered English and talked to me on the Yamanote line.  His family was called back just before the war.  He came back and had to fight against the country where he had been living. I took his photo without him knowing or aknowledging it.  Very dapper style - matching gray hat and shirt and slacks.  Tight trim appearance. in front of a rack of Japanese mobile phones i asked for the number one healthy at an uguisudani pub, they gave me grilled mackeral.  sapa.  it was pretty darn oily fish that was. with my seiko pocket translator. with howard in tokyo on his first night, at a pub near Azabu where they served us mostly raw chicken and maybe pork? this woman in a hiro-o cafe had a face like the moon. it was round and luminous, her face like the moon. this gal tomoko was helping howard and mimi with mobile phone research hattori - a freelance journalist friend of howards and maybe now me too older drunk lady in an uguisudani pub.  she organizes parties for a living she said.  she was excited to give me her address and say we should be in touch. older drunk lady in an uguisudani pub. she smoked and made seemingly sarcastic comments. it's six am and we're sitting in ayako's car in roppongi watching thick foreign guys buy breakfast at mcdonalds and shout at other foreigners across the street. on the way to mount fuji for a rave this girl approached me in shibuya.  you have a keitai too?!  you are very cute!?  let's take a picture!?! mimi reads a map ayako at the yokohama royal host after the yokohama trienialle with junichiro koizumi john of three day stubble after a successful NERD ROCK concert at Shibuya's club quattro asleep on the train on the way to the airport. sea urchin donburi - my favourite kind of sushi, in a pile, on top of rice, with salmon eggs and fatty tuna.  i love uni, this was a lot of it for me to eat.  this is at a sushi restaurant at narita airport.  i ate next to a large black man in dreadlocks, he was just returning to los angeles from working sound technology for the recent earth wind and fire tour of japan. r.j. junell krusty amy at the wedding of two friends we introduced to each other. brother jonathan, dr. cheezie jonathan and ellen marrying chicago's corboy at his law office for the thanksgiving luncheon brother colin uc berkeley nihongo sensei - chase, at manpaku ramen in berkeley uc berkeley nihongo senseis - chase and shamoon, at manpaku ramen in berkeley subway woman with a bright yellow-streaked mullet subway woman with a bright yellow-streaked mullet jay lesser drew from matmos yokohama chinatown scott luna, six years old? glowing demonic justin, photo by luna junko, photo by luna mimi, photo by luna three women in bright plastic sex viking outfits promote desktop productivity software in this advertisement in an east japan railcar ayako got herself a j-phone with camera the christmas tree at the odaiba mall from the emperor's birthday from the emperor's birthday from the emperor's birthday from the emperor's birthday from the emperor's birthday from the emperor's birthday from the emperor's birthday henry scott-stokes stretching in the correspondents club bar. in front of the DJ at Ito-family Chrismas party.  Using the J-Phone camera flash - it was a dark room. may at the Country Bear Jamboree - Disney New Years Ueno Park Buddha - this stone face is about as tall as I am. owls at the shizouka-ken owl museum and hanging flower reflectory. gleeful homeless man in ueno park with near perfect english talking to me about the state of the world and japan in it.  he gestured with his severely frostbitten, abused looking hands.  they were scarred and cracked and I thought his english was so excellent, couldn't he get himself a job somewhere?  the hands would be so strange to see in polite circumstances.  he had an active engaged mind; I was curious about his life but not entirely willing to just ask him about his circumstances. presumedly homeless man in ueno park, i took this picture without his permission.  he introduced himself to me just before I left for akita.  we made deeply tentative plans to meet months later in the same place. aida-san who went to swarthmore and works as an economist in tokyo hello it's justin late at night and maybe a little lonely hello, it's just with his computer at the foreign correspondents club the view out the window headed from tokyo back into snow country this scroll and budda sat in my room at the hiragen ryokan in yokote city i ate in this man's restaurant.  afterwards, we both sat there watching the olympics until we each fell asleep.  it was late in the afternoon and there wasn't much else to do.  it's kinda intimate to sleep facing someone.  maybe it's not. kamakura, forever - in a museum outdoor kamakura by night.  when you take a picture with the j-phone camera at the same time as someone with a regular camera uses a flash, you get a split-screen lighting effect. kamakura - outdoor snow house festival building yokote city's kosaka's boykid, growing up in a great korean restaurant. yokote city's kosaka's boykid, maybe seven years old? yokote city's kosaka's boykid and me mugging for the cam yokote city's kosaka's boykid putting his fingers in his nose in front of my phone.  he took this picture himself. yokote city's kosaka's boykid continuing to put his fingers up into his nose in front of my phone.  he took this picture himself. yokote city's kosaka's boykid playing with his face in front of my phone.  he took this picture himself. eve, confused amy, hair back joi devine dc, grinning big jim h hugh 4est, sxsw organizer and cheerful fellow just then cory doctorow looks askance at this technology ben brown stretches heidi with heidi's much older medium format camera near the palace of fine arts in SF immigration chopstick application joi floats chopsticks on his face tenki tsugoi!  beautiful weather that day. aunt jane toh jane toh stern jane i didn't sleep enough last night! not enough sleep and i end up feeling like this little girl on a subway i took a picture to accompany a haiku composed in the phone - kyo wa densha / ni miyuki no nioi / amai seki suwata hello my family, we have just spoken by phone and i email you this picture at 2.15am - i have almost finished my taxes. lil analytica japan caroline caroline from a distance hair view painted arms travelin' shoes NRT - SFO
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