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Third Courier
Third Courier
IBM/PC 1989
Mouse Supported
Third Courier: East Berlin and West Berlin are the site for some espionage action. Play the role of Moondancer as you track renegade spies through the streets, using the tools and weapons of badass movie spies.

Panhandler Too much walking through the streets, running into bums that need to be bribed to leave you alone. Or too much showing your papers - like the original Wolfenstein. Why do games with German's always have so much passport flashing?

Nice character creation tho.

It's exciting because it's one of the few spy games. But the interface, walking through the city is disorienting and all the random encounters are troublesome. Maybe the game shipping with a map that would be helpful - as it is now I have online the written documentation.

Like Covert Action, except more tedious, or just a denser interface..

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