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Stephen Perkins

the funky drummer

Steve and Perry jamming
Stephen is the son of a plastics salesman and a hair-salon manager, who used his bar mitzvah money to buy his first drum kit.

Right on!
I met him at a Grateful Dead concert in September of 1994 outside of San Francisco. Strolling about the Shoreline Amphitheatre parking lot before the show, I recognized him immediately, called his name, and he stopped smiled and came over. He was with one friend, wearing sunglasses with his tight curls and nice looking LA summer style wardrobe. I complemented him on his work, asked him about current projects, and gave him a business card. Not a sustained contact, but contact nonetheless. I saw him later on, inside the show, and he looked baked as hell. He and his friend were buying food, and they sort of giggled when they saw me.

Later we were in touch by email, he was commenting on my site, offering himself up for questions, and he asked that I put a better picture of himself up there. He offered to email me one. A few days later I got an email with a 15 megabyte attachment - a picture of the entire scanner bed with a small picture of Stephen in the corner. It broke my email! Heh.

Steve appears in this interview from Modern Drummer, volume 17, number 3, March 1993. Written after Porno had just released their first album, it covers his view of what had passed, what was to come, and his drumming philosophy, and bits of his philosophy at large.
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