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sept 28

landers had a motherfucker dream
woke weeping
tried to go back to sleep, reentry
had a wet dream about ann landers instead.

two hours with christiana in the morning
ah leu cha
she works me
I feel so light and present leaving there
now she's even seein' my sister

I walk the haight,

looking for clothes
what did I expect?
run into kari
having dinner with wayne
he moves

and then I sleep
I sleep on my back, on a matress with no matress clothes
I wake up in my clothes, sweat

I help cyborganic pull cable
sort of
I do a lot of kibbitzing,
some spacebar
a lot of joking with tim childs
some dirt on my hands,
pulling thumb thick grey chord from the basements to the third level office
stringing multicolour ethernet pairs along the ceiling

crazy joe lira drove me
drove me to crazy party
drove me crazy to this crazy party
a successful bike and car racer is one who will accelerate beyond reason
suicidal tendencies help
not good for passengers

joe is a good guy who is really sort of scary when you get him alone

if only because you like his genuity and hope he does too

and then this party
greeted in the front hall by a blow up doll and a disco ball
she had a leak, someone tried to push an eight ball in her butt
duct tape

there's a juke box
and smoking teenagers from mills
and barely-bike mamas in black shiny clothes
and naked twister
twister, and it's naked, because how else do you play it?

drinking steadily cosmopolitains
only that saved me from pain - one alcohol type judiciously applied
otherwise, even the party's premise was painful -
celebrating kat's pending breast implants

naked twister, I was the first boy so
if only because I kept calling out "naked twister"
and kelly urged my shorts off
she was naked too
so was kat,
one last look before the augmentation

I found myself naked, holding and twiddling a twister board
standing over a writhing mess of naked and underclothed twisters
barking out orders like some pcp addled sadist seargant-at-arms.
being spanked by a woman recently seen toting a calf-size black rubber dildo

this is what I moved to san francisco for

joe, who'd spent the first two party hours protesting party sociability logged into spacebar
himself stripped down to his spartan shorts for some twistin'

whole lotta shakin' goin' on

at least I didn't drink enough to be taken advantage enough
but I did avail myself to kelly's kindness
I think she wanted to sleep with me
stuck a thick scorpio toungue in my mouth more than once
I was not unwilling
but not excited
we ate and joked and had a good late night time
and she drove me to jory's to sleep

note: I went on spacebar to look for photos 9/29:
fusty/fust y luv[Broadcast]: anybody know where the saturday night twisted
     fest pics are up on the web?
dipwick/screen[Private]: cyborganic/people/agro/kats.html
Sending private message back to dipwick.
Msg: thanks.  muchas.  how are they?
Message sent to dipwick.
dipwick/screen[Private]: hehheheheh
dipwick/screen[Private]: hehehheheheh
thanks agro.

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