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sept 11

tall scorpio winslow
you 'rang?
he gave me my first boomerang.

his new marin flat with johanna
their honoured first guest

I left them early to find parking
each of the last two nights
spent 30 minutes near five am
cruising near haight for car space
fuckin' hate it.

stopped over to commence an e-male agitation
she was at times chargrined like a schoolgirl
and I wondered what I was doing there
her mouth protruded like vaguely native
french canadian, she said
who plays the piano?
her son.

our electronic lust exchange as an icebreaker
I became more and more bemused
I maintained some distance
to check my state
like when the excitement began
we were touching hands, stroking
and she moved in
I felt her short gasps and pant
I brought us back to slow breathing

I felt her purple flower specked black dress
as I lifted it, there were no undergarments
I reached down between her slightly sagging musk
and strained my wrists
she was a cheap date
paying homage to one of the goddesses older forms

she ate my youth
tasted better than a dream
a dream that woke her up licking her pillow
tasted better than a pillow.

laying there I thought about a lot of things
young tribemen being initiated
and how I would like to imagine one of my twenty young girlfriends
in the gasping arms of near or past double their age

there are plenty of beautiful women
I won't bother with all women are beautiful
but sex is always complicated, often ambiguous
why not make it obvious?

spoken with the late night mejgan
her boyfriend said
mind if I smoke?
no, I'll just leave
mejgan, afghani born, studying kurdish massage here
talk about a people needing stress relief
tonight she had the epiphany the technique encourages out of body experience for information retrieval
like the net, she says
a lot about the relationship of masseuse and patient positioning
I invite her to my speaking tomorrow night
it costs money, she has none.

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