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24 june, 1996
danny and me
wakeup and burroughs
remember last nights teacher lesson
don't do it unless you feel it
and so I should focus more on my feelings
still the structure of rememorization
what did he say?
is five days, fifteen days frustrating.

wish I had a tape recorder
wish I had a video recorder
wish I'd taken more pictures
wish I would have asked better questions

only lessons
not technology.

mary danny and I to lunch
after linger downstairs with wonderful mary
hotel manager his spouse

at a mexican joint under new management
they installed table service and lost character and food quality
hey, at least we didn't have to stand for it.

danny drive to his house
whereworketh sandy editor of the brink
in one of cliff's morning after wigs

work continues on the tilt series, now mugshots
fascinating - old crime records

cd writing and recording
why don't I periodically archive my site onto cdrom
and distribute it for cheap -
folks could browse at their leisure?
and freezeframe

wouldn't take much, download onto a hard drive
find a cd recordable friend
get a few hundred copies made
post a note up here
viola - I'm in bizniss.

danny's friend joy visits as well
she was there at my talk yesserday
told danny, she wanted to crush me like a bug
it was like a love hate thing, she liked me
but it was like an infomercial for the web.

but she was crabby, don't take it personally
we give her and her bike a ride home to the deep barrio
she used to live in the san fran mission
which she gave up for health
and gentrification
so now, this

she's got lots of pets
half dozen ginea pigs, a rabbit or four, few cats
so she can't really have a guard dog

buff and tuff she's got two guard geese
buff and tuff
they'll bite your finger, make a lot of noise, act real weird
you'll regret you ever tried to get at her 200+ barbie collection

and I notice she reads fantasy lit, so I recommend
from jeremy, robert jordan
he seems the next big fantasy dude

tasha so hemp store, and tasha
dj friend of danny's
she's a pretty luscious babe,
married with cute mia kid
and plays in like three bands
what is this, austin?

we interrupt her scrubbing steps
does the owner of this shop smoke major dope or what?
no, she believes in hemp as an alternative fabric source, and sees a market there.
well, calexico needs a web page maybe
sub pop likes to see that
my duo touchpad is inaccessable technology to many folk
a mouse is weird enough

needin' a new pair pants I was thinkin' perhaps hemp
but taxes and import fees
(can't grow the raw materials in the US, doncha know)
the stuff is expensive!
a most durable fabric, sure
but 75 for dungarees? please

so danny drove me to miller's army surplus
and I pickup a pantpair old limey military
comfu sturi
10 dollah

back to the hotel wait for danny family run and interface
so like um I like um do like my dad

and alan koermer
I snatch some fading sun
five pm I'll lie on the roof nekkid

somehow in that drug like state
ain't sunnin' a high?
drug state half sleep lyrics come then
it's your own road to heaven sing I
the lyrics fit
but I can only remember barest snatches upon wakeup
nice to know I've got it somewhere, to develop that voice
country choral gospel?
what travelling through the midsouthwest has done me

call I documentarian locale
doug block coordinated found a person in many cities to tape me doin' thang
so like stacey comes with danny family to the desert
actually a swimpool with some weeds and cactus around

saw I nowhere the vast expanses of lawrence of arabia
there was like shit growing everywhere
where's the sand sweeps?

pool trecherous cactus
the family swims, zoe
I drink beer and walk

kiss a cactus see this was my vision
walk in the heat heat heat
on the sand sand sand
get sun, etc
and feel that drain brain heat loss totale
you know, go like all the way arizona
this line thought lead me to think I needed alcohol accompaniement
danny, I sez at lunch, let's grab a 6 pack of corona and a lime and go walk in the desert
and then I was thinking tequila

we, cactus but this was near sun down
and danny brought tecate

dessert so I downed a few, walk
with stacey listening video

to my fuck school
amazing how the best moments never make it on film
she sez, can you do that again on camera?

sometimes I cum, and I'm like ready to check my e-mail
sometimes I meet a woman and I don't log in for days

but she did catch this opinion of doug block documentaring

what's it like?
it's like having a voyeur call to ask you to raise yer shades.

zobi sticks justin sticks

salad pizza,
little zobi calls me hot lips banana coffee
wavering between fear loathing and flirtation

carolyn takes some shots
identity with goods versus info

funny night desk clerk george george

club anonymous dance


find an old issue of national geographic on bamboo

fascinating plant.
I wish to grow some.
seth, always into something

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