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Monday, 24 November - link


I'm a freelance writer with interns. And the interns are expanding my sense of possibility - helping me with projects that I've been too busy to undertake before. They're coming to seem more like collaborators - the challenge is to find what each of us is good at and then match skill with enthusiasm.

I've spent a lot of the last few days acclimating myself to a new device - a Treo 600. A constantly connected portable computer. Now I can make calls, check my email, surf the web and view constellations on the road. The setup has taken me a while. And it's not finished. Soon I hope to be able to update this web site from anywhere. Anywhere without a computer weighing down my shoulder. Picture poetry.

In the meantime I have a feeling like this gadget is wonderful. Too expensive, but that should change. I wonder if people might not buy plenty of these things. And I think I'd like to make some freeware software for them, programs to provoke and inspire. Bits of alternative culture in the little machine, maybe even programs that help connect people away from their desks.

An exerpt from the wiki we're using here for project discussion:

Having a small pocket computer that can be online anywhere makes me think that there is a bunch of software missing. How about applications to help you find friends? Or locate books? I can think of many translation projects - brining applications and ideas that exist for desktop internet users to these smaller screens. But moreover, this form is inspiring because people moving around are differently useful to each other. How are they useful to each other? How can we share knowledge, experience and love on the road? I'm not sure everyone should or will have a Treo 600. But now that I have one I want to do fun things with it.

Any experience coding for the Palm platform? Any vision for mobile internet applications? Look at the NaviGety, if you can find information about it online - a friend finder for mobile phones in Japan. On beyond email and chat! Network specific fun code!

I will need help with graphics and programming. Anyone interested in making art or craft for next generation mobile devices? I'd like to brainstorm. Collaborate!

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