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commentson 25 November 2003 : 03:15, mfb sez:

I was standing in a sub-zero Chicago snow flurry waiting for the bus. I was thinking, so many people with cars, backseats empty. If I could do a search for anybody on the network within several block radius going at least partly my way that was willing to give me a ride... better yet, if I could bring up a webpage with a realtime updated map of bus positions, the bus could always be waiting for me.

I don't believe any current, reasonably priced palmtops come with GPS. Until that feature is available, anonymously, securely, any mobile networking you do will be detached from your own world. You can find friends through some P2P app that matches your interests, but how to find them in the realworld, is up to you.

This is vague and as yet impossible. I'm thinking of a GPS enabled, but anonymous until you choose, craig-list type discussion, interest matching board. Would this fly in the paranoid distrustful American society? Security and anonymity are a long distance from trust I suppose.

commentson 25 November 2003 : 07:11, trish sez:

I might be interested in doing some design on this. Email me.


commentson 25 November 2003 : 07:15, Warren Frey sez:

How are you finding using the Treo? I've been contemplating taking off and freelancing in the third world in the winter (because, dammit, it's cold here in Canada!) and either this or the Palm Tungsten C or W would certainly be a useful device to have. How do you find writing with it? And how much does it cost to surf the net on this thing?
Can you replace SIM cards on it?

Ok, thats enough questions for one post. :)

commentson 25 November 2003 : 07:36, Liz sez:

Hey Justin! I am currently and thankfully offically unemployed, so use me! :)

commentson 26 November 2003 : 03:41, Joao Paglione sez:


You need to write me back and tell me what to do, I have already offered my services and am your humble intern.

I think I just wrote my first good short story this morning,
so ya'll can check it out, i posted it to Liz's site.


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