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Friday, 7 February - link

lively experiment lively

I've had a lot of time to develop my own manner of updating these web pages; editing and pasting new ideas up on the front page and on sub pages, nested directories deep within my special interests. Now I'm going to try to use some weblogging software to see if I can make that process easier - easier to post from anywhere (not needing SSH client to emacs), easier to archive (not needing handcopied pinkie finger on the control key emacs cut and paste and cut and paste to make yestermonth's archive page equally ugly and utterly inflexible), and easier to play (nested server side includes is only one technology - lacking trackbacks!)

[I just moved my 553mb tarred gziped web site off of one Cyborganic server and on to another - the first move in five years or so - means I have to poke through my antiquated ways of stringing together rough-hewn HTML in favour of something more modern and suited to a state-of-the-art hosting arrangement that might finally begin to charge me regular money to serve all this crap I've spewn]

The core desire is to map my long-winded brain online. In order to approximate the diffusion of interests and attention, I'm going to experiment with multiple weblogs that are all piped in to the front page. That's not terribly relevant to you - it just means my web page will look busy. Not much use in talking about what I'm planning - I've got to get started screwing up so I can change it again.

One side effect of running this Movable Type software is that I can now have user comments when I post new things. I'm looking forward to your help figuring out some thorny issues! Joanna says please no comments - and she might have a point - it could cheapen, change the tone here. But I'm all in favor of experimenting with the web, so let's roll.

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