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Friday, 7 February - link

Bachelor Redux

So this next few days is a bachelorhood redux - Jane has gone to Japan with her sister Anne for a week. While Jane is busy shopping for pink fishnet leg warmers and speaking to gamer.tv I'm watching over the family cats and trying to urge myself away from the keyboard.

My goal today is to pause on polishing up my new web code in time to beat the grocery store closings - if I'm going to be an alone at home cat-caretaker, I want to have a large pot of something like beans n' greens simmering on the stove so I can constantly refill bowls to eat with bread. That leaves my mind free to hack, write and game without having to think about showering, dressing, or leaving the house.

Bachelor-hood - actually, kinda similar to time Jane and I spent in Kakio. The difference? I'm not opening my mouth much. I listen to jungle music constantly. And maybe I'll go out for fried chicken. Tho Jane recommended I read Fast Food Nation and so far it's put the fear of the colonel in me.

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