June 04, 2004

Watching Sex

Robert Johnson sings some soul-chilling blues music. Fantastic stuff. I've had his albums for years, savoring the echoes of thick sin and payback from another time. Recently, reading about his life, I read this entertaining exchange. The article concerns the son of Robert Johnson, using the courts to claim his portion of his father's music royalties.

In the end, the crucial testimony came from Virgie Mae's closest friend, Eula Mae Williams, an 80-year-old midwife with pure white hair, who recalled an evening walk she took with her fiance and Virgie Mae and Robert Johnson.

To the shock of the assembled lawyers, who had to pause during questioning because they were laughing so hard, she described how both couples made love standing up in the pine forest, watching each other the whole time.

She was questioned by Victor McTeer, an attorney from Greenville who was representing Carrie Thompson's relatives as they contested Claud's claim to the estate.

Q: Well, let me, let me share something with you, because I'm really curious about this. Maybe I have a more limited experience. But you're saying to me that you were watching them make love?

A: M-hm.

Q: While you were making love?

A: M-hm.

Q: You don't think that's at all odd?

A: Say what?

Q: Have you ever done that before or since?

A: Yes.

Q: Watch other people make love?

A: Yes, I have done it before. Yes, I've done it after I married. Yes.

Q: You watched other people make love?

A: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Q: Other than other than Mr. Johnson and Virgie Cain [her married name].

A: Right.

Q: Really?

A: You haven't?

Q: No. Really haven't.

A: I'm sorry for you.

From Son of bluesman Robert Johnson gets his due, by Ellen Barry, from the Los Angeles Times, June 2 2004.

I haven't watched other folks having sex - sounds like I've been missing out! The participatory watching of two couples going at it simultaineously must be fun - I've done it like that in the dark only. Hmmm.

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