July 01, 2004

return of bazooms

I'm officially predicting the return of bazooms - pointy tits. Enough of this round, bubble shaped sweater melons. I see missiles in shirts in the near future - torpedo tits. Breasts like I saw in films from the 1950s - sleek and shaped like they could poke your eyes out. Perhaps a response to times of war - perhaps just a new shape. Innovation in tits.

Or maybe a throwback - recycling style in bodyshape. Unless there's some kind of a logic to rounded shaped breasts? Were the brassieres that shaped those torpedos uncomfortable? I imagine they were - but brassiere technology has improved - there should be something we can do to fix that.

So many brassieres today are oriented towards making rounded shapes. I wonder what other breast shape options are out there for brassiere buying woman?

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