May 29, 2004

Searching for Elena from Khabarovsk

When I was travelling in Japan I would occasionally run into foreign women who were working there in the "entertainment" industry. These women hailed from Russia in particular, as well as Southeast Asia and China. Japan is the closest center of wealth in that region; it attracts people who are willing to use their bodies to earn money for their families or their future.

I wrote about two women I met following that path; I met them in the capital of Iwate-ken, sort of like meeting women in Montpelier, Vermont - the small capital of a rural area. Marina and Elena, Russian Exotic Dancers.

elena, marinaToday I received email from a gent in Florida:

In the article below, you described a girl from Khabarovsk who is dancing in Japan. I would like to contact her. I think she is beautiful. I am also searching for a Russian or Ukrainian woman to marry. I've included the article below to refresh your memory. Please relay to me any contact information for her if you have any.
I absolutely remember this woman (once I'd looked back at my page); she was lovely. A firm disposition and a beautiful face. Sounded like she had a complicated life. I definitely don't have her contact information.

The internet allows people to reach out and propose the most unusual partnerships! To imagine her going from Khabarovsk to Iwate-ken, to Orlando - whew.

(I was lazy, I didn't want to type out the URL to my page, to find the link for this post. I typed "Khabarovsk Elena" into Google, and I got many results for Russian brides. None of them were the gal I met, or my page!).

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