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Tuesday, 21 March - link

Following the Game Developers Conference 2006 online

Like Burning Man, Emerging Technology, Where, Maker Faire, WebZine or South by Southwest: Interactive, the Game Developer's Conference can be a good place to track the contemporary conversations in Interactive Media. Even if you're in the giant San Jose convention center, it can be hard to maximize your stimulation. Fortunately, the web provides a fairly rich virtual GDC experience:

  • Some GDC veterans have started a GDC 2006 Wiki for posting attendee notes and comments.

  • For visual records, check the gdc2006 tag on Flickr

  • You can download and play many of the Independent Game Festival entrants

  • Also, many of the entries from the cutting edge Experimental Gameplay Workshop will be listed and maybe downloadable online.

    If I find any other good GDC 2006 resources online, I'll post them here. Otherwise, add your own in the comments!

  • Posted on 21 March 2006 : 15:57
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